6mm Micro DC motor
6mm vibration motor Z0610-TP
Spring vibration motor Z0610-TP Spring contact for easy assemble and wi...
xiaomi T100 electrical toothbrush motor Z612-136A
XiaoMi Electrical Toothbrush T100 Motor Electrical Toothbrush Micro D...
6mm Micro DC coreless Motor Z0615-TP
Coreless 6mm Motor Spring Type,easy assemble
6mm Coreless Motor Z0610-TP
Coreless 6mm DC motor Diamter 6mm Widely used for wearable watch and o...
Vibration Motor Z0612-DX
Vibration Motor 06*12mm Wire Type
Vibration Motor Z0610-JZ
Vibration Motor 06*10mm Application:pager,electric toothbrush