Micro DC Motor Application

Vibration motors are used in a variety of applications including:mobile phone handsets, game joysticks,handheld video games, pagers, toothbrushes, and razors to name just a few. 

Of particular interest is the mobile handset market,as global production volume is expected to be greater than 1 billion handsets in 2007. The handset market has driven innovation in the design and manufacturing techniques of miniature vibration motors. Smaller handsets demand motors that consume less PCB area, and require a thin motor design. Motor features for caller ID vibration tones,and gaming applications are also being added to handsets.

The famous application is like: iphone mobile phone,L'Oreal vibration puff, Colgate vibration mascara, electric toothbrush, aviation model, wearable devices,wear watch,toy,beauty mask,pager,vibration massager,pobling electric face toy.

We wish to find more application for our motor and work better for our life.

Sample appliation:

Pager Motor

Smartphone Motor

 Sonic Facial washbrush motor

Electronic toothbrush motor

Adult sexy product motor

R/C aircraft motor

Bluetooth headset motor,wearable watch motor

Mobilephone motor

Racing motor

Massage motor