What's the best tactile feedback----
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Three tactile feedback I want to introduce to you

What's the best tactile feedback?

Compare three mainstream tactile feedback technologies: 

  1. ERM,
  2. LRA
  3. piezoelectric

Haptic feedback is not a new technology. We can go back to the 1960s and discover the first device changes that used vibration feedback to send information to users.

The systems used to generate vibration in the past are still being used in low-cost equipment to generate basic tactile feedback. 

A vibration feedback solution with a long history and low cost Eccentric rotating mass (ERM motor) is commonly referred to as a vibration motor, and this tactile system consists of a high-frequency motor that rotates the eccentric mass. Since the 1960s, the same concept has still been in use, but this technology has been miniaturized to accommodate smaller devices.

With its low-cost advantage, eccentric rotating mass actuators (ERM motor)are still used in many devices to generate tactile feedback, but they are beginning to be replaced by more efficient technologies. Nowadays, we live in a digital world surrounded by various devices with touch screens. In order to improve the user experience of devices, companies around the world are developing new technologies, so better touch technology is also developing.

Piezoelectric haptic actuator is one of the high-efficiency technologies. Based on the piezoelectric effect of certain materials, this technology has more advantages than ERM motors. The piezoelectric solution does not require rotating the eccentric mass, but requires the use of a piezoelectric actuator, which sends high-voltage power through the actuator material of the piezoelectric actuator, causing it to deform and generate tactile feedback. Next, we will discuss the differences between decompression and ERM tactile techniques, as well as the tactile techniques you should use in your application. 


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