What is the basic structure of a BLD
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limit location made a BLDC motor and better vibration

  What is the basic structure of a micro brushless DC motor?

                                                                 by Ji Fei

Generally, the basic structure of micro DC motor is divided into two types: 

  • internal rotor structure (that is, the rotor of motor is inside, while the stator is outside)
  • external rotor structure (that is, the rotor of motor is outside, while the stator is inside). 

Micro brushless DC motors(BLDC motor) can also use these two conventional structures. However, due

 to its small size, if the above two structures are used, the rotor (or stator) located inside

 will be smaller. This makes it difficult to generate sufficient output torque. 

To this end, a structure with a stator and rotor distributed up and down was designed. 

The main featureof this structure is that the area of the stator and rotor is equivalent, which can generategreater torque in the same volume. In addition, it is convenient for its stator winding to adopt a planar winding, in order to facilitate the application of micro processing technology.

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