How to test phone motor vibration?
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A method to test phone motor vibration.

How to test phone motor vibration

Vibration testing method for a mobile phone motor, comprising: starting the mobile phone motor to start working; Picking up motor vibration signals through a mobile phone microphone and converting the motor vibration signals into electrical signals; Perform spectral analysis on the electrical signals collected by the microphone using the FFT algorithm, and compare them with the normal motor spectral information to determine whether the tested motor is working properly. Uses the microphone of the mobile phone itself as a signal acquisition tool, and the vibration motor is located inside the mobile phone cavity, which can more effectively pick up motor vibration signals and enhance anti-interference. The FFT algorithm is used to analyze the frequency spectrum of the data. By analyzing specific indicators such as the main frequency point, main frequency amplitude, and noise amplitude of the motor vibration, the quality of the motor vibration function is judged through quantitative index analysis, and the test results are more accurate and reliable, At the same time, the required hardware such as fixtures and equipment has been simplified, reducing testing costs.

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