Weak Vibration Analysis Of SMT Motor
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Weak Vibration Analysis Of SMT Motor

Weak Vibration Analysis Of SMT Motor

Although we hope that the use of the motor is 100% perfect, we will also encounter the problem of weak vibration of the SMT motor during use.

The following are some of the analysis of the weak vibration of a SMT motor:

There are three main reasons for SMT motors of weak vibration:

1. When the usage voltage is too low, the normal rated current for SMT motor is 2. 7 V or 3 V. If it is too low, it may feel weak.

2. When the vibrator counter changes and the rotation speed becomes lower, the motor’s vibrator weight determines the rotation speed. If the vibrator weight increases, it is likely that the rotation speed will become low, resulting in weak vibration.

3. When entering the foreign object, if the SMD motor malfunctions during reflow and enters foreign objects, it will cause the motor to become stuck, resulting in poor vibration. Even dad vibration.

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