Linear motor installation and remova
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Linear motor installation and removal methods and precautions

Linear motor installation and removal methods and precautions

First, the use of tools:

1. Hexagonal wrench a group

2, copper rod a

3, Phillips screwdriver a

4,8 * 10 open wrench a

5, cleaning tools (rosin, rag, air gun)

6,3 # hex wrench (short)


1, move the work surface to the rear of the machine, turn off the machine power and air pressure, please insert the automatic door fixed plug and then turn off the air pressure. 2, the linear motor wire from the terminal block removed, pay attention to line color and wiring location, please record.

3, the linear motor 6MM (red, yellow) cooling water pipe removed, pay attention to the pipeline color and take over the location, please record the third, the linear motor


Removal steps:

1, the spindle on both sides of the block removed

2, the horse pushed up After the vertex, remove the motor from the rear of the motor and remove the locking motor

3, remove the motor up and remove the fixing screws M8 * 25, M5 * 20 4 4, remove the motor bottom

4 M4 * 10 screws, and (5) Remove the

5, the spindle slide down after the linear motor to remove the replacement

6, the linear motor adapter board to complete the completion of four, linear motor

Installation steps:

1, 2, the adapter plate mounted on the linear motor on the fixed screw M5 * 12 (spring washer)

3, the spindle slide down after the linear motor installed in the linear motor mounted on the linear motor, Spindle slide on the fixed screw M5 * 12 (spring washer)

4, the motor mount on the spindle and set the screw M8 * 25, a little lock can be (adjust the concentric) fixed screw M5 * 20 to lock.

5, the motor bottom M4 * 10 fixed screw locking (adjust the concentric).

6, adjust the motor concentric: the motor fixed screw slightly relaxed (not completely relaxed), the motor up to push, if the motor will automatically decline without interference, and then slightly relax the motor fixed screw, if not automatically slide to copper rod beat The motor is adjusted to automatically slow down without interference, this step to adjust the screw to fully relax the motor into the vertex, can automatically decline without interference; complete this step after the motor seat and the motor seat screws and then check whether the Interference phenomenon, if the interference phenomenon and then adjust the above steps.

7, the motor fixed screw lock in the rear of the motor

8, the spindle on both sides of the block fixed to the spindle

9, the motor wire and cooling pipe back to the original position that is completed installation steps.


5, Note:

1, is strictly prohibited personnel in the installation or removal of linear motor when the power switch
2, in the installation and removal process should pay attention not to damage the appearance of linear motor 3, the staff should pay attention to the workplace safety to avoid injury.


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