coin vibration motor failure
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coin vibration motor failure

Vibration Motor Failure Analysis

A sample of coin vibration motor failure


When the motor is installed, the vibration failure and not vibrating.


1.Recheck and confirm:

The performance review found that feedback motor have the rotor wire breaking phenomenon (i.e. rotor two coils with a hard line OK, another hard coil and open circuit phenomenon)which determine the performance of motor NG.
2.Disassemble inspection: (Main motor parts:up case,down case, rotor)

Disassemble the motor and inspect the rotor circuit:

1 feedback motor rotor testing (P1) into a 3.7 ohm resistance line detection OK (P2), the two resistor resistor of 4.7, coil and hard line disconnection (P3)

disc motor       flat motor    Coin vibration motor

P1                                                                  P2                                                              P3


Through the analysis of the performance inspection and disassemble, analysis personnel to determine the rotor broken is the result of motor performance when vibration is not the main vibration

Reason analysis:

1, The cause of poor motor working principle of vibrating motor is energized by current due to contact between brush and commutator of the current flowing into the coil, coil and stator magnet formed cut magnetic lines, so as to generate electromagnetic force, the electromagnetic force of the rotor rotor. A feedback coil motor rotor is broken, another coil line OK, the motor will appear when the brush and the commutator coil is connected with a good connection when the motor vibration, when the brush and the commutator coil wire connection motor vibration phenomenon. When the motor vibration is caused by vibration.

2, Causing the rotor broken motor outflow reason: our resistance of the rotor is full inspection, the rotor does not exist disconnection normally under the stream, in addition to the motor rotor assembly after our performance and semi-finished products and finished products inspection inspection process, the motor will not break the phenomenon of outflow will exist. Analysts believe that the feedback motor thread breakage is due to coil coil welding welding workers, no coil and H-PCB coil with H-PC welding, weld phenomenon, cause the motor in operation after a period of time, a coil and a H-PCB connecting line. In the inspection personnel to check the motor, when the coil is connected with the brush and the commutator good connection, motor vibration, when the brush and the commutator coil connection is disconnected, the motor vibration and vibration when the motor is bad, no vibration phenomenon.

Improvement measures:

1, To strengthen staff training and education of the rotor coil, avoid the defects of weld, welding sparks coil.

2, Strengthen the training and education of motor performance testing personnel, while strengthening the supervision of motor performance testing process, to avoid false detection, omission phenomenon.

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